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Steel use classification
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2018-03-09 10:14
  Structural steel   (1) Construction and engineering structural steels are referred to as construction steels for short, which refer to steels used for making metal structural parts in buildings,
Intensified expansion of cement production capacity in ASEAN and some countries in South Asia
  Data from Indonesia Cement Association: In 2014, Indonesia's cement sales volume was 60 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 3.3%. Semen Indonesia has allocated US$480 million in capital expendi
2017 China's Large-scale Cement Industry Leaders Roundtable Meeting (C12+3 Summit) Held in Kunming
On March 21st, China Cement Association held a roundtable meeting of the leaders of large-scale cement companies in Kunming (C12+3 Summit). The conference focused on the theme of “supply-side reform t
Economist Li Daokui: The government should introduce policies to accelerate the elimination of surplus production capacity in th
  Recently, the Bureau of Statistics released economic data for the first half of 2015. CCTV's "Economic Information Networking" invited Mr. Li Daokui, a professor at the School of Economics of Tsingh
Market declines severely The seven measures of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stimulate the positive energy
  Faced with the severe economic development of the cement industry, in order to resolve the serious overcapacity in the cement industry and promote the stable operation and transformation of the indu
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