Songhe Industrial

Mainly engaged in the import and export trade of building materials; Real estate development and property management; Aitian Education, Educator, Western Restaurant; Financial investment business.


Good news! Pinehurst One can now apply for a real estate license~

When you bought a life suite and saw your name on the property certificate, what was your mood? Is it excitement? Is it excitement? Is it a special peace of mind? I still feel proud that I finally have a house of my own.


[Heart to home, beautiful cash] Pinehurst one product grand delivery, happiness does not bear the expectation!

Garden style low density layout, all age Lehuo community, pedestrian and vehicle separation design... The promise of thousands of times is not as good as the reality. Now all the beautiful things of life are in front of us, and we are here to wait for the owner to return home.


Yuxiangjia received a new round of 10 million financing from Shandong Songhe Industry

Recently, the well-known comprehensive sports thinker of children's education in China won a new round of ten million level financing from Shandong Songhe Industry, which is an investment in the field of national offline education complex in 2021.


Cement prices will still rise in 2020

Recently, the epidemic situation in China has been gradually controlled, and Zhong Nanshan also announced that the epidemic situation can be basically controlled by the end of April. With the easing of the epidemic throughout the country,